“Converting business risks into opportunities for profits”

What is business risk?

Risks are different for each business and can have different impacts. Your risk areas can include financial, market, organizational, operational, clientele, personnel, regulatory, and the list goes on. That famous question “What keeps you up at night?” is certainly valid in identifying key risks. However, looking for opportunities can be like mining for gold - hard work with great rewards when you find the nuggets.

It is easy to see the big, menacing risks that are directly in front of us.  But we don't always see the more subtle risks that permeate our businesses or the unintended consequences of our decisions.  A good risk management program can bring these risks to the forefront where they can be addressed.
Many business studies have documented that our uncertainties can paralyze our decision-making. Wintergreen Management Company (Wintergreen) can help your business identify these uncertainties or “pain points” and develop plans and knowledge to expose and eliminate the uncertainties. It is easier to make decisions when you better understand your unknowns.