"Equipping your team with the proper tools"

Who needs to understand risk?

If risk permeates all aspects of your business, who should understand and participate in the risk management process? Everyone in your business organization should have a basic working knowledge of risk and how it can impact the business. They should understand how their actions, or inactions, can affect the entire business. The leaders of your organization will want to have a deeper understanding of turning risk into profit and how your risk assessments and risk action plans can improve your business strategy and your operating procedures.

Learning to better manage risk is learning to make better decisions. And we have seen that in most businesses, decisions are made at all levels of the organization. Learning to make decisions in a consistent and coordinated manner grows the synergy within your business. Your decision makers should be learning the techniques and processes for managing risk and turning those risks into profits without putting the business in harm's way.  Wintergreen’s practical experience brings a sense of real world applications to the training, coaching, or mentoring of your business team.
Our experience is that most team members want to be contributors and many good ideas and opportunities can come from any level of the organization. We just have to give them the tools.