“What’s not happening that should be? What’s happening that shouldn’t be?”

What can Wintergreen do for you?

Wintergreen will meet with you to discuss and better understand your situation and initial risk areas, as well as assist you in understanding your personal or business risk tolerance profile. Together we will determine if the Wintergreen ARTS ProgramTM is the right fit for your business. Wintergreen offers its selected client base the ARTS ProgramTM for business Analysis; Risks evaluation; Team integration; and implementation for sustainable Success.
After implementing the ARTS ProgramTM, Wintergreen will develop a customized dashboard of key metrics for your business that will allow you to measure and track your performance and success.
With its years of practical experience, Wintergreen can help businesses analyze, plan, develop, train, and implement their risk management program.  Many times, successeful risk evaluation sessions are led by a facilitator and Wintergreen can assist your team as a faciltiator and a catalyst to help your business identify, prioritize, mitigate the risks facing your business and assist with the ongoing reporting and trending of your status, the effects, and any necessary adjustments required due to changing risks.