Case Studies

Growing the Business
Situation/Task: Client had a small Engineering and Construction Office with a population of approximately 75 people. The office was too small for large projects and too large for the smaller projects from a cost and functional perspective. The expectation was to grow the office such that it could provide a critical set of skills, increase the market penetration of a local and growing industry, and improve the work execution and profitability of the office.   read more

Business Line Improvement
Situation/Task: A Client’s Senior Vice President and Business Line Manager wanted to more quickly increase his Business Line’s Revenue and Profit Margin.    read more

Improving Project Management
Situation/Task: After reviewing several projects for the Client. I noticed that a lack of firm understanding of the fundamentals of project management was causing inconsistent tracking and forecasting across the projects. What was needed was a refresher class on the fundamentals of project management. With today’s fast paced and complex projects, it is easy to be tempted to take short cuts or skip steps to get ahead of the curve. However it is these easy to do, and often overlooked, steps that form the foundation for the more difficult and complicated analyses yet to come.   read more

Project Set Up Team
Situation/Task: After performing Health Checks on several of the Client’s projects, I observed a pattern pertaining to the set up of the projects/businesses. This Client had initiated an Enterprise Management System, which brought an added complexity to starting a project and tying the project related systems together in a synergistic manner. A stronger re-introduction of the business and management fundamentals and the integration of the various systems were needed.   read more

Business Health Checks
Situation/Task: A Client’s project and/or office teams were often consumed with the work at hand to the extent that they sometimes didn’t have the time to do deep quality reviews and back checks on their work processes. I offered this Client a Health Check Program to assist their projects and/or offices to fill this need in an easy to use and positive benefit manner.   read more

Creating a Dashboard
Situation/Task: A Client wanted to improve the execution performance across all of the projects in his office. Surprises often came late in the projects such that there was little time to react and correct the situations. This performance often had an impact to the company’s business results.   read more

Turning Risk into Profit
Situation/Task: A Client had a project that was experiencing difficulty. Every month the forecasted schedule completion date extended and every month the forecasted final cost increased. The Client’s Customer was losing patience as the situation was now more than an inconvenience and was threatening the Customer’s production date and ability to deliver product. The relationship between the Client and his Customer was strained to the ultimate stage.   read more