Business Line Improvement


Situation/Task: A Client’s Senior Vice President and Business Line Manager wanted to more quickly increase his Business Line’s Revenue and Profit Margin. 
Action: We worked with the Senior Vice President and his Management Team to re-establish the execution fundamentals across the projects within his business. We used a Project Set Up Team to assist each new project team organize and get their projects off to a smooth, coordinated, and successful start; used the Health Check Team on a periodic basis to assist the project teams validate their status and forecasts and look for potential trouble spots before they occurred; assisted the project teams with their risk assessments and the implementation of their risk action plans; and taught training classes and mentored individuals in project management, business fundamentals, risk assessments and avoidance, and how to seek out opportunities and convert them into profits.
Results: While the details of the results are, of course, confidential, we can report that the Business Line’s workload, revenue, and profit margins did increase.   The Senior Vice President did share with us that he reported to his management at a senior review of the Business Lines that a part of the increased success of his Business Line was the improvement in project performance which reduced the time that his Management Team spent on problem solving and rebuilding client relations and that the extra time now available allowed them to pursue new clients, new market areas, and expand the range of services and relationships with their current clients.