Growing the Business


Situation/Task: Client had a small Engineering and Construction Office with a population of approximately 75 people. The office was too small for large projects and too large for the smaller projects from a cost and functional perspective. The expectation was to grow the office such that it could provide a critical set of skills, increase the market penetration of a local and growing industry, and improve the work execution and profitability of the office.
 Action: We applied the ARTS ProgramTM model (Wintergreen’s approach improving business) to the office. We analyzed the office from a skills inventory viewpoint, analyzed the skills necessary to penetrate the target market, made arrangements with a sister office to provide the missing skill sets until this office could economically grow their own capabilities, and changed the marketing strategy and pricing approach to new study work which would lead to new projects. We did a risk assessment to identify the risk events that could disrupt the business strategy and plans and developed a risk action plan to deal with the high priority risks. The office team was brought onboard with the strategy, action plans, and the changes in the operating procedures. Getting the buy in of the team was essential to a good implementation which led to our success.
Results: In the course of one year the office grew from about 75 people to a population of approximately 150; profits and profit margins increased; with the increased skill sets, other local markets became available; and the relationships with the Clients led to other opportunities for sister offices in other locations.   This is another example of turning a business risk into additional profits and success.