Improving Project Management


Situation/Task: After reviewing several projects for the Client.   we noticed that a lack of firm understanding of the fundamentals of project management was causing inconsistent tracking and forecasting across the projects. What was needed was a refresher class on the fundamentals of project management. With today’s fast paced and complex projects, it is easy to be tempted to take short cuts or skip steps to get ahead of the curve. However it is these easy to do, and often overlooked, steps that form the foundation for the more difficult and complicated analyses yet to come.
Action: We assembled a small team of well experienced project managers and developed a one week class on the fundamentals of project management and how to apply them. The class was developed to be a refresher class for current project managers and an introduction class for people seeking to get into project management.
Results: The class was well attended and received. Attendees from most all of the Client’s Businesses and many of the Client’s Offices around the world participated in the class. Members of the Client’s senior management team as well as beginning project managers attended. The Client strongly supported and encouraged his people to attend the class. Later, the Client took the class, made it more generic to accommodate all of his Business Lines (The class was initially developed for one specific Business Line), and made further improvements to it. The Client now uses the improved class as a main project management teaching tool across his entire corporation.