Project Set Up Team


Situation/Task: After performing Health Checks on several of the Client’s projects, we observed a pattern pertaining to the set up of the projects/businesses. This Client had initiated an Enterprise Management System, which brought an added complexity to starting a project and tying the project related systems together in a synergistic manner. A stronger re-introduction of the business and management fundamentals and the integration of the various systems was needed.
Action: We assembled a small team of people who were intimately knowledgeable of the various systems and how they integrated. This part time team also understood the basic framework of the projects/businesses and took the lessons learned from prior set ups forward to the future opportunities.    By having this team work as a portfolio assignment, they were able bring to each successive set up a strong template of the methods that worked well and the methods that did not work so well and do this in a very cost effective manner. The Set Up Team would work with each project/business team to advise how best to apply the systems to their particular needs; tips and tricks for success.
Results: By giving the project/business team a head start on how to best set up their project/business, the Set Up Team helped the teams to improve their set up time and improve their data collection and transfer amongst the systems. This reduced the effort required for data entry, data checking, and debugging the data and provided more time for analyses and the production of useful information. The Client’s senior management noticed that when the Set Up Team was utilized, the projects experienced and quicker start up and better status tracking and forecasting.