Business Health Checks


Situation/Task: A Client’s project and/or office teams were often consumed with the work at hand to the extent that they sometimes didn’t have the time to do deep quality reviews and back checks on their work processes. We offered this Client a Health Check Program to assist their projects and offices to fill this need in an easy to use and positive benefit manner.
Action: We assembled a small team that would come together from time to time to perform health checks on the Client’s projects. The goal was to make this program an aid to the project teams and not be considered an audit with the findings of wrong doing sent immediately to senior management. By taking the approach of assisting the teams instead of turning them in, we were able to help the projects identify and correct their problems early and while the problems were small. The Health Check Team, after making the report to the Project Manager, offered to remain behind to assist in any recovery activities required. We would review to see if the appropriate practices were being followed, if the practices were adequate for the task or required amending, review the execution strategy for project and/or business risks, and coach and mentor as needed.
Results: The program was well received by the Client and the projects/offices. Not only were our requests to visit projects received well, but we were often invited to come and do assessments on an unsolicited basis. We were able to help the projects identify their issues early and resolve them and we facilitated their identification of risks and their risk action plans. The Health Check Team supported projects around the world.  This Client is my former employer and since I retired, they have continued the program and it continues to work well for them.